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Class of 2016, Alumni from Augsburg University, Lyton graduated with a degree in Finance along with a minor in Management Information Systems. One of his pursuits is to work in a non-profit organization that supports families in finding a home to move into; along with guidance to responsible homeownership.

During his time at Augsburg University, Lyton was involved in the Augsburg Latin American Students group for three years. He started as a Historian and worked his way up to become elected President. During his presidency, he outreached and partnered with other student leaders to host the first Conferencia Alianza Latinx event that brought students together from different college institutions. After seeing the success of the first conference, Lyton continued with the movement to make Conferencia Alianza Latinx an annual event for the Latinx community. His purpose in establishing the conference is to provide opportunities for students to participate in various leadership roles while building the Latinx community stronger.

Aside from work and school, he is also a passionate folkloric dancer. He founded an Ecuadorian folkloric dance group called Away Runakuna in 2015. The name of the group comes from the indigenous language of Kichwa translating to “Weaving Our Identity.” The mission of the group is to learn, teach, and preserve the traditions of Ecuador through the art of dance. In addition, he is also an active dance member for Ballet Folklorico Mexico Azteca; in supporting the mission to preserve and maintain the culture of Mexico through the performance of traditional Mexican dance.

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Planning Committee Partner 

An unapologetic brown Xicana, mujerista, Hernandez is a currently an undergraduate college student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and will obtain her Liberal Arts degree this spring to pursue Chicano Studies in the fall of 2018.

This year will be her second year as a planning committee member for Conferencia Alianza Latinx. Hernandez is the recipient of two major recent awards, the “We Are All MLK” Equity and Inclusion award and the “Excellence in Leadership” award.

Her work for the Latinx community began with the student organization, Raices Unidas, formerly known as Xicanos Latinos Unidos. During her presidency, she tripled their student roster, increased diversity, and collaborated in greater numbers than before. Furthermore, she published the first website for a student organization for students to attain critical college resources. All the work that was led by her, pushed for the first ever Latinx initiative at MCTC, LUCHA (Latinos Unidos in College for Higher Achievement).

In her free time (depending on the weather), she enjoys her summers in the outdoors and enjoys a cup of chai tea with a book and warm blankets in the winter, or maybe she will just binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. 


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Community Outreach Coordinator

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