Conferencia Alianza Latinx Proudly Presents….

Financial Security For Clubs/Organizations Within College

Exploring ways to secure funds from Student Life including both internal and external departments in college. Participants will learn the importance in having the right to ask for funds to create opportunities such as developmental programs, personal professional training, and outreach community projects. This workshop will review Latinos United at Normandale in Action (LUNA) 2018-2019 club fiscal budget to share key pointers to create an effective financial strategy.

Hosted By: Javier Salinas Vega

The Complexity of being Latinx

This session will encourage participants to explore and reflect on the intersectionality of their identities. The facilitator will define and provide examples of social, personal, and salient identities and explain how we all are carry multiple perspectives. A hands-on activity and dialogue will conclude this session.

Hosted By: Ruby Murillo

Latinx Contributions to Hip Hop Culture

When you hear the word Hip Hop, what comes to your mind? Depending on one’s age and experience with Hip Hop, many images and thoughts will enter peoples’ minds. Do we as a society or folks of Latinx decent understand the tremendous contributions we gave to this vibrant culture, the impact of this and that these contributions are truly undeniable. In this teaching/workshop, Reies will briefly explore and explain these undeniable truths in examining key Latinx figures, events and musical styles that were present and thriving at the conception and birth of Hip Hop Culture and continued until the present day. Latinx influence to Hip Hop are vast; let us explore the wide diaspora that makes up our Brown Excellence, harness this historical beauty, use this knowledge to empower our communities and the oppressed worldwide.

Hosted By: Reies Romero

Womxn Professional Empowerment Panel

How does it feel to be a womxn in the workplace? Are there any barriers or challenges that womxn face in the workforce? Is there a difference between skin color and knowledge?Participants will have the opportunity to meet and ask questions to a group of womxn professionals from fortune 500 companies, service organizations, and academia within the Twin Cities. The panelists will be sharing their educational journey, workforce experience, offer their professional advice, and discuss on the importance of increasing the number of unrepresentative minorities.

Hosted By: Kiara Machuca

Nuestras Historias, Nuestras Voces: The Continued Fight for Chicanx Studies

This session will encourage participants to explore and analyze the current lack of multiple perspectives in school curricula. The facilitators will document the history of ethnic studies and the fight for inclusion in the dominant school curriculum. Group discussions and a plan of action will conclude in this session.

Hosted By: Karina Vega Morales & Kleber Ortiz

How Community Colleges Changed the Whole Idea of Education in America

With so many different colleges out there, it can be hard to choose. In this session participants will be introduced to the state public community college system in Minnesota and the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum program. Participants will learn how students are able to save by attending public colleges and universities as they prepare for their future careers.

Hosted By: Javier Salinas Vega

Self Development & Growth

Participants will gain an understanding on essential skills that pertains on their individual growth, how to reflect on our performance, and nourish our own development. Through this workshop, participants will explore and discuss the term R.E.C.T.I.F.Y along with follow-up questions connecting to one’s own experience.

[R.E.C.T.I.F.Y = Relationship, Energy, Clarity, Time, Information, Feeling, You]

Hosted By: Jacqueline Yaurincela

Love Through Latinx Folklore

Participants will be exploring at popular Latin-American folklore and analyzing the themes that come up around love and relationships. Through this process, participants will develop a critical understanding of what makes a relationship healthy or not . The workshop will include some storytelling elements, discussion, and thought-provoking dialogue around how our values on love are influenced by media and culture.


    • Participants will be able to compare and contrast between a handful of folklore stories and identify what values are being communicated about love and relationships.
  • Participants will be able talk about the importance of honesty, respect, and openness as the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Hosted By: Lauren Salgado & Nataly Quintero

Leadership and Team Building for Professional Development

Working in groups is something that most of us have experienced before, but do you know the basics of being the most efficient group? This developmental workshop will focus on the basics of working in small groups as well as exploring the most efficient ways of teamwork to ensure your goals are accomplished. This workshop will also share how employers value teamwork and the importance in developing team building skills for future career aspirations.

Hosted By: Eric Isidoro

Navigating Predominantly and Historically White Institutions as Latinx Students

This workshop will engage participants in a discussion about the realities many Latinx students face in predominantly and historically white institutions. The workshop leaders are current law school students from St. Thomas, the University of Minnesota, and Mitchell Hamline who will share strategies on how they have navigated higher education and how they are currently navigating these institutions. This will include anything from tips for self care to critically engaging with students, professors, and administrators. The workshop leaders will engage with participants in critical dialogue and hope to encourage students through their own journey of higher education.

Hosted By: Michelle Gonzalez, Kim Boche, Camila Pacheco-Fores & Ripley Piedrasanta