Conferencia Alianza Latinx began with college students brainstorming ways to bring Latinx students from different institutions together to share their accomplishments, challenges, and aspirations. Along with the help of other student leaders, Lyton Guallpa-Naula, former student president of the Augsburg Latin American Student (ALAS) association, took the initiative to make this conference a reality. The first conference was held in 2016 at Augsburg University. Ever since then, college students across the Twin Cities have joined forces towards keeping the conference alive.

“La experiencia de la conferencia anual Alianza Latinx fue un completo éxito. Tuve la oportunidad de conocer gente espléndida con historias únicas, aprender acerca de temas esenciales para un liderazgo eficaz enfocado en diversidad. A esperar al próximo año con ansias.”

“The experience of the annual conference Alianza Latinx was a success. We had the opportunity to learn about many essential issues for leadership, connect with amazing people, and, equally important to have fun. Thank you to the organizers of the event. I cannot wait for next year one!”

– CLASA Participant (Chicano Latin American Student Association) from Mankato State University

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