2021 virtual workshop

Latinx Success

[Jamilka Leon: Life + Success Coach]

Toma control de tu vida, tus metas, tu ser. it’s time to unpack it all – the expectations placed on you, the imposter syndrome you feel as a Latinx student, the feelings of inadequacy or intimidation as you start your journey in the workforce. Speak your truth and begins showing up for yourself fully, acting accordingly to create the life YOU want to live.

Culture Keeper: Using Culture to Lead [Ryan Mulso: LatinoLEAD]

Participants will explore cultural identities and how our culture is central to being a strong leader. What are the ways our culture shapes all the way we view relationships, time, work habits, non-verbal communication, etc? We will discuss this and explore how we can use our understanding of culture to lead in the workplace and our lives.

Journey To Becoming Latinx

[Aiyana Sol Machado: Educator & Practitioner]

Join AiyanaSol of Kumbé Healing & Wellness in Dialogue and Movement exploring & deepening our inquiries into the origins of Latinidad – What have we gained and what have we lost to be here, to be Latin@?

5 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset [Julieta Piox: Life & Leadership Coach]

This workshop will allow students to identify the 5 ways to develop and apply a growth mindset in their life. It will also help them to begin to see their unlimited potential and understand how the brain works with a focus on neuroplasticity. They will understand motivation in a different way and set goals that propel them toward how they want to lead their life.