How Does The Trump Administration Affect Latinx College Students?

The objective is to present students the importance of being able to identify themselves in the current situation (in today’s society) under a heavy administration while building a positive change for themselves.

Hosted By: Diana Rivera Arias

The Mind of a Leader

On this workshop, personal and professional development is an integral part to achieving your goals. Leading yourself is the first step that will get you in the right direction, to the right people and most importantly, to the right mindset.

Hosted By: Julieta Piox

Latinx Contributions to Hip Hop Culture

When you hear the word Hip Hop, what comes to your mind? Depending on one’s age and experience with Hip Hop, many images and thoughts will enter peoples’ minds. Do we as a society or folks of Latinx decent understand the tremendous contributions we gave to this vibrant culture, the impact of this and that these contributions are truly undeniable. In this teaching/workshop, Reies will briefly explore and explain these undeniable truths in examining key Latinx figures, events and musical styles that were present and thriving at the conception and birth of Hip Hop Culture and continued until the present day. Latinx influences to Hip Hop are vast; let us explore the wide diaspora that makes up our Brown Excellence, harness this historical beauty, use this knowledge to empower our communities and the oppressed worldwide.

Hosted By: Reies Romero a.k.a Zulu King Reies

Finding Your Voice as a Latinx Student and Professional in a White World

This workshop will engage participants in a discussion about the realities many Latinx students face in predominantly and historically white institutions – both in higher education and in pursuing their careers. The workshop leaders are current law school students from St. Thomas, the University of Minnesota, and Mitchell Hamline who will share strategies on how they have navigated higher education and how they are currently navigating these institutions and their professional development. The workshop leaders will engage with participants in critical dialogue and hope to encourage students through their own journey of higher education and finding their career path.

Hosted By: Michelle Gonzalez, Camila Pacheco-Fores, Ripley Piedrasanta, Yastril Nañez, Christiane Portugal Dos Santos, Stephanie Oseguera, Thomas Godrey, et al.

Navigating Your Future: Adapting In Various Workforce Environments For Career Enhancement

Participants will learn how to level-up on their career path while creating dialogue in asking critical questions for career advancement during employment or post-graduation. Participants will also receive training that has been shared amongst various fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations on career development.

Hosted By: Jacqueli Yaurincela Bonete & Adriana Leal

Embracing Our Latinidad In The Workforce

In this workshop, participants will discuss the importance of embracing one’s own heritage and our Latinidad in the workforce as well as identifying challenges within that. Participants will also explore methods and tools that will help navigate work spaces while staying true to who you are as a Latinx leader.

Hosted By: Irma Márquez Trapero

Foundations of Leadership

Participants will have an open discussion and dialogue about leadership and implementation to current and future professional endeavors.

Hosted By: Jason Verdugo

Discovering The Cycle of Early Childhood Development in the Latinx Community

Participants will learn how early childhood development has a huge impact within Latinx families starting from childhood up to adulthood and how it is connected within our educational journey. The objective is to break the stigmas behind the cycle to understand the effects under various settings while learning to create a better environment for the future.

Hosted By: Ruby Machuca